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Premium quality plants,
impeccable service.

Our Promise

We take pride in preparing
every plant for its journey

Responsible design

From conception to your salon, we strive to achieve a positive social and ecological footprint. We select our partners for their commitments and meet with them in person to build a fair relationship. We favor local manufacturing and handmade products. All our green plants are grown in Europe. We maintain our plants only with natural products. We exclusively use wood from French eco-managed forests, PEFC™ labeled. We have designed an exclusive plastic-free packaging, made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. One tree is planted for each plant ordered on our website.

Premium design

We select the most beautiful plants, design edition planters with noble and innovative materials (ceramic, solid wood, bioplastic). We privilege the craft industry and the hand made. Whether you have a cozy studio, a spacious apartment or an office, we offer a range of design accessories to complete your plant space.

Personalized care

Our houseplants are unique, and so are you. Each of our green plants is pampered and delivered with care. Our Plant Doctor is available for personalized and ongoing support to keep your houseplant thriving and looking great.

Our commitment

Changing business for changing times

The world needs more plants - not only in our homes, but also in our forests. We believe in a future where anyone anywhere can appreciate the beauty and benefits of nature, and where consumers unite in a sustainable way.

To support this belief, our products are responsibly designed and for every plant ordered on our site, a tree is planted in the forest.

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The founders

Hi, we're Ron and Nico. Thanks for taking the time to check out Léon & George! We're glad you're here, and we wanted to let you in on the story behind our name. Our pets are big fans of their indoor jungles, so we named the company after them. Meet Léon, the mischievous tabby cat, and George, the easily-excitable parrot. AKA the cutest co-founders in the biz.

Attached to nature and convinced that it contributes fundamentally to our well-being, we are guided by the desire to introduce it into our interiors not only for the welcoming atmosphere, the graphics and the exoticism that it brings but also and above all because we believe that green plants are true daily companions that harmonize our lives by making our environment and our spirit healthier.
Angèle and all the Léon & George team.


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