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Best Indoor Plants Delivery in Brugge (Bruges), Flandre

Bring nature into your indoor space with local plant delivery in Brugge (Bruges), Flandre

See our plant collections available and delivered in Brugge (Bruges)

All plants include simple care instructions, a 30 day guarantee, and lifetime Plant Doctor support.

Pachira Aquatica


Save €43
Pack L - Plantes faciles à entretenir

€429 €472

Silver Evergreen


Save €15
Duo Pothos Cascade X Sansevieria Laurentii

€98 €113

Ficus Lyrata Canopée


Silver Evergreen


Ficus Elastica Belize




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Where can I purchase premium indoor plants online for delivery in Brugge (Bruges)?

The online garden center Leon & George is a leading eCommerce site offering best indoor houseplants and outdoor plants, luxury ceramics, and home care and decor items. Known for its efficient local delivery service throughout France and California, specialized packaging for nationwide shipping, including to Brugge (Bruges), and unwavering commitment to quality, Leon & George has built a loyal customer base since its inception in 2016.

What is the estimated shipping time for indoor plants delivery to Brugge (Bruges)?

At Leon & George, indoor plant orders are promptly processed within 5-10 business days. In addition, our standard shipping to Brugge (Bruges) typically takes 2-5 business days from when your order ships.

Is it possible to send indoor plants as gifts to friends and family in Brugge (Bruges)?

Léon & George offers a vast selection of small and medium indoor plants as perfect gift options. Whether you're looking for a birthday, anniversary, or a gift for a work colleague, indoor plants are a highly valued choice and can be easily ordered online with Léon & George for delivery in Brugge (Bruges).

You will surely find the right plant for your needs in our selection of plants to offer and send to Brugge (Bruges).
You can also choose to offer a Leon & George Gift Card.

Are gift cards available for purchasing indoor plants in Brugge (Bruges) through Léon & George?

At Léon & George, both digital and physical gift cards are available for purchasing indoor plants. Our digital gift cards are delivered instantly via email, and physical gift cards can be shipped to any location in Europe, including Brugge (Bruges).

Is Léon & George offering a collection of pet-safe indoor plants for purchase?

Explore our selection of pet-friendly indoor plants that are 100% non-toxic and safe for homes with curious dogs, cats, or children. Order your pet-safe plant for delivery in Brugge (Bruges) now.

Are there any recommendations for easy-care indoor plants for a house in Brugge (Bruges) offered by Léon & George?

Léon & George curates a collection of easy-care indoor plants, including Snake Plant, Lisa, and Bird of Paradise. These plants have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are easy to care for, even for beginners or those who frequently travel. This indoor plant collection is perfect for you if you've struggled to keep plants alive. Get your easay care plant delivered in Brugge (Bruges) today.

What are the benefits of indoor plants for cleaning the air in Brugge (Bruges)?

Indoor plants have been proven to have numerous benefits when cleaning the air in your home or office. NASA studies have shown that certain plants can effectively remove toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from the air. Additionally, plants release moisture / humidity into the air, which can help to improve air quality and make the air feel more humid. This is particularly important in Brugge (Bruges), where the air can become dry and stale due to the weather and pollution. Adding indoor plants to your home or office in Brugge (Bruges) can improve air quality, reduce stress, and improve your overall health and well-being.

Are there indoor plant options available for low-light spaces at Léon & George?

Not many people are aware, but there are indoor plants that thrive in low-light environments. At Léon & George, we have carefully selected and tested indoor plants that can adapt to low-light rooms. Browse our collection of low-light plants and have them delivered to Brugge (Bruges) today.

What is the perfect plant for my house in Brugge (Bruges)?

Whatever your desire, whether you are a beginner, do not have a green thumb or your home is dark, Leon & George offers a variety of plants that will suit everyone.

Leon & George delivers easy-care indoor plants to Brugge (Bruges), air-purifying indoor plants, pets safe plants, and indoor plants for dark place.

Browse our site and you are bound to find the perfect plant in our collection of plants delivered in Brugge (Bruges).

Are there any plant options for offices in Brugge (Bruges)?

Decorating your office with green plants offers many advantages. In addition to providing an undeniable aesthetic gain, it is recognized that plants purify the air, reduce stress and increase concentration. Léon & George has tested and selected a collection of best plants that are particularly adapted to work environments, whether in a company or at home while telecommuting.

Discover our offers adapted to your needs and design your office with the most beautiful plants to create a nice tropical vibe.
Léon & George can also send your employees, customers and partners a plant as a welcome or thank you gift to cultivate your commitment. Simply add your personalized message.

Where can i find quality ceramic pots to buy in Brugge (Bruges)?

Upgrade your home decor with Léon & George's functional planters. These meticulously crafted planters are not only beautiful but also built to last. Made of durable, on-trend ceramic, these ceramic pots are a timeless investment that will elevate your plant design. Experience uncompromising quality and elevate your space with Léon & George's functional planters.

Léon & George offers a range of edition planters with noble and innovative materials (ceramic, solid wood, bioplastic).
All our cache-pots are designed with a socially and eco-responsible approach. We favor local craftsmanship and handmade.

Discover our collection of designer and responsible planters delivered to Brugge (Bruges).

Where can i buy house plant care accessories in Brugge (Bruges)?

Whether you're looking for a watering can, fertilizer for your plant, a spray bottle, a watering indicator, or an Oyas, Leon & George offers eco-friendly care products to keep your house plants looking beautiful and thriving.

Discover our collection of care accessories for your indoor plants delivered in Brugge (Bruges).

Exceptional Indoor Plant Varieties

Whether it's Kentia Palm, Pachira Aquatica, Ficus, hardy plants like Sansevieria or the popular Philodendron Monstera, our online garden center has a selection of the best plant varieties for everyone, whether for yourself or as a gift.
Whether you are looking for a beautiful plant, an original plant, tropical, with green foliage, with large leaves, a climbing plant or a flowering plant, a plant that is easy to maintain, to purify the air, safe for pets or with low light levels, you will find the ideal plant in our collection.

When you buy a Leon & George plant, you receive a hand-selected plant, whose quality, beauty and size have been carefully controlled in our certified nurseries. Each plant is cleaned and prepared by our teams with exclusively natural products.

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Plant maintenance becomes easier

Because plants are living beings to be pampered, we provide advice for the maintenance and gardening of your plants as well as lifetime access to the Docteur Plante service to benefit from the personalized advice of our expert gardeners.

No need to have a green thumb, our team is available to advise you on location, lighting, watering, choice of fertilizer or potting soil, repotting, cuttings and all the care needed to keep your plants the most beautiful possible in your indoor garden and other green spaces.

Try our service and experience the Leon & George difference.

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Sustainable design, Seamless service

Every day we strive to make buying plants online easier and to achieve a positive social and ecological footprint.
We select our partners for their environmental and human commitments and privilege a local manufacture and the hand made.

Leon & George plants are paired with edition planters designed with both function and looks in mind. Our handcrafted planters are made from the highest quality materials and are built to stand the test of time.
Each set of plants and planters is staged by a finish adapted for a well-being and an optimum visual.

Our innovative plastic-free packaging, made of recycled and recyclable cardboard, protects delicate ceramic plants and planters during shipping, while the "White-Glove" delivery allows you to choose your delivery date and opt for an in-home installation (available only in the Paris region).

Because you are probably not a professional gardener, we guarantee all our plants for 30 days after receipt.

Try our service and experience the Leon & George difference.

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