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Recharges pour indicateurs d'arrosage

Pack de 6 ou 10

Simplifiez votre routine d'arrosage. Les recharges de noyau d'indicateur d’arrosage sont faciles à remplacer. Fabriquées avec des fibres 100% naturelles et entièrement biodégradables. Remplacez le noyau tous les 6 à 9 mois.

Vérifiez la taille avant l'achat. Indicateur non inclus.

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Chaque achat de grandes et très grandes plantes chez Léon & George comprend un indicateur d'arrosage gratuit. Contrairement à la plupart des détecteurs d'humidité classiques, notre indicateur est facile à lire car il change simplement de couleur lorsqu'il est temps d'arroser. Remplacez le noyau de votre indicateur lorsqu'il cesse de devenir bleu après l'arrosage, soit environ 6 à 9 mois après sa première utilisation.

  • Les indicateurs de grande taille (L) couvrent les plantes dans des pots de pépinière de 22cm à 40cm de diamètre.
  • Les indicateurs de taille moyenne (M) couvrent les plantes dans des pots de pépinière de 12cm à 20cm de diamètre.
  • Le pack mixte comprend 6 recharges de taille moyenne (M) et 4 recharges de grande taille (L).

Achetez un indicateur d'arrosage ici.

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Produit conforme

et adapté aux indicateurs d'arrosage

Sabrina M.

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Featured Questions

What is your 45-day guarantee all about?

We want to ensure that everyone has a successful experience with their plants. Our plants are all easy to care for and come with our care instructions to guide you in their care. Even so, if your plant dies within the first 45 days of receipt, we will replace it!

All you have to do is contact us!


Do you sell the plants without a ceramic pots?

Yes, we do for Large and Extra Large plants.

Select the "staging kit without pot" button in the Pot Option, see screenshot below:

Capture d’écran 2021-11-18 à 12.35.28.png

The plants come with a nursery pot and our Staging kit composed of an adapted saucer, clay balls, decorative moss and a moisture meter.

What will I receive with my plant ?

If you order a plant with pot you will receive :

- 1 plant

- 1 pot

- clay balls

- decorative moss

- a moisture meter (free, only for Large and Xlarge plants orders)

- our plant care tips

- Plant Doctor service access

If you order a plant without pot you will receive :

- 1 plant in its growing plastic pot and adapted saucer

- clay balls

- decorative moss

- a moisture meter (free, only for Large and Xlarge plants orders)

- our plant care tips

- Plant Doctor service access

Small and medium plants are shipped already assembled. Large planters and plants are shipped separately and you will simply have to follow our assembly guide. If you choose the "White-Glove" delivery, the plants will be assembled and installed for you on site by our experts.

Why are Leon & George plants so beautiful?

At Léon & George we do our best to ensure that you get the interior you dream of, without having to run through several stores to find the ideal composition.

Ready to install and to be admired, our houseplants are carefully selected and prepared. They are adapted to your desires and your space. Our green plants are accompanied by edition planters with noble and innovative materials. They will also be accompanied by clay balls (placed between the horticultural pot and the planter to preserve a good rate of humidity), a sophisticated finish thanks to the naturally stabilized moss that covers the potting soil and our maintenance advice. Finally, our Plant Doctor is at your service for any question concerning the maintenance and gardening of your plants!

#niceplants #indoorplants

How are your plants packaged for shipping?

We take great care in packaging each and every plant set to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. Our innovative, custom packaging allows us to not only protect our delicate ceramic planters but also any variety of living greenery. Unboxing is easy and delightful.

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