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L'Alchimie Botanique

Natural elixirs for houseplants, designed to enhance the experience of caring for your potted plants, while pampering, protecting and treating them effectively for long-lasting growth.

L'Original - Organic Black Soap


Leaf shine - natural insecticide - fungicide

Super Neem Oil


Natural Insecticide - Prevention - Treatment - Fongicide

Brume Magique


Nourishes - Strengthens - Protects

Save €13

Restorative Plant Care Essentials

€59 €72

Heal, Nourish and Grow

Save €13

Preventive Plant Care Essentials

€59 €72

Clean - Nourish - Protect

Vitamin Boost


Stimulates growth - Nourishes - Strengthens

Exceptional Plant Varieties

Discover our exceptional indoor plants, including exotic tropical plants, real trees, succulents, or flowering plants, perfect for any occasion. Whether you're looking for persistent foliage to create a tropical plant atmosphere or a bright, low-maintenance apartment plant, Léon & George offers a unique selection. Our varieties include the Kentia Palm, Pachira Aquatica, Ficus, and Philodendron Monstera, all chosen for their beauty and ease of maintenance. Find the ideal plant to purify the air, safe for your pet, and suitable for low light conditions.

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Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your plants has never been simpler with Léon & George. Enjoy personalized advice for gardening and maintaining your plants. Our lifetime-accessible Doctor Plant service offers you the support of our experts, whether you are a gardening novice or an enthusiast with a green thumb. We guide you on the perfect placement of your indoor plant, watering frequency, choice of soil, drainage, fertilizer, pruning stems, repotting, and tips for stimulating photosynthesis and plant growth. Plus, all our plants come with a 30-day guarantee after receipt, to cultivate a green interior without hassle. Discover the Léon & George difference and keep your indoor plants radiant and healthy.

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Sustainable Design, Premium Service

At Léon & George, every plant purchase is a premium and responsible experience. We work daily to achieve a positive ecological and social impact, prioritizing local partnerships and craftsmanship in the creation of our pots and planters. Our compositions, combining aesthetics and functionality, are designed to enhance your spaces while ensuring the well-being of your plants. Enjoy our eco-friendly home plant delivery, thanks to innovative packaging in recycled and recyclable cardboard, and our "White-Glove" service for a neat installation at your home.

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