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You will receive the gift card by email, ready to be printed or transferred. Select this option if you wish to give the card to the recipient yourself, or if you wish to buy several gift cards at the same time.

We will send the gift card directly to the recipient by email. Only one recipient per order. If you wish to give to more than one person, you will need to place separate orders.



Our personalized Leon & George digital gift card sent by email, ready to be printed or transferred to a loved one.


The best gift is to offer choice! Here's how our digital gift cards work:

  • Digital gift cards are emailed to you after purchase in PDF format.
    Want to send a gift card by snail mail? Opt for our physical gift card.
  • Digital gift cards can either be forwarded to the recipient or printed for hand delivery.
  • Gift cards have a unique code that can be entered at checkout and used throughout the site for use in Europe. They can be used in installments, balance permitting, and they do not expire.
  • Gift cards can only be used in the areas and countries covered in the European territory. For a gift to the United States visit our USA site.
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Questions about the Digital Gift Card

Can we personalize the Léon & George gift card for a special occasion?

You bet! To make your gift even more special, you can add a personalized message to your gift card. Whether it's for a birthday, a celebration, or just to please, your message will add a warm, personal touch. It's the perfect way to express your affection and share your love of nature and well-being, while offering a choice from our selection of elegant plants and accessories.

What makes the Léon & George gift card a sustainable gift?

The Léon & George gift card is a responsible and ethical choice, as it encourages thoughtful, sustainable consumption. By offering this card, you encourage the choice of eco-responsible plants and accessories, thus supporting an environmentally-friendly approach. What's more, by allowing the recipient to select what they really like, you reduce the risk of waste linked to unwanted gifts. It's an ecological and personal way of sharing the values of sustainability and well-being.

Are gift cards a good idea for plant lovers?

Absolutely! The Léon & George gift card is the perfect gift for gardeners, whether amateurs or experts. It offers total freedom in the choice of varied plants, including exotic and rare species. Whether your loved one has a green thumb or would like to begin their botanical adventure, this card will enable them to select the ideal plant for their interior or exterior. It's a wonderful way to enrich your collection with unique plants and cultivate your passion for gardening.

Do Léon & George gift cards have an expiry date?

Good news! Our Léon & George gift cards are forever, just like your love of plants. Yes, that's right: these little gems have no expiration date.

Ideal for interior design enthusiasts, wellness lovers and even botanical novices, this gift card is the ultimate pass to a greener, happier life.

Do you offer a physical gift card?

Of course, we've got just what you need! Choose our physical gift card, delivered directly to your mailbox or that of the lucky recipient.

Looking to personalize your gift even further? Add a personal gift message.

Buy, send and please - it's that easy!

Can the Léon & George gift card be used in instalments?

Of course, the magic of flexibility goes into every Léon & George gift card!

You can choose from our potted plants, gardening accessories and special collections on our website. 

And what's even cooler? If credits remain on your card after a purchase, they don't disappear into thin air. Keep them for your next green craving or botanical escape!

Need to add a little something extra to reach your botanical dream amount? Don't worry, you can add to it.

Can I use several gift cards for a single purchase?

Of course, abundance is the key to happiness, isn't it? 

At Léon & George, we believe in flexibility and choice. So you have the freedom to apply multiple gift cards to a single transaction.

Get that sumptuous Dracaena that purifies the air or that ficus that will make your neighbor jealous! All you have to do is enter your unique gift card codes at checkout, and voila: your indoor oasis comes to life.

So, if your secret garden consists of combining multiple gift cards to unearth the plant that matches your soul, we say, "Go ahead, be the gardener of your dreams!"

What can I buy with a Léon & George gift card?

Wondering what you can get with a Léon & George gift card? Think indoor garden, oasis of well-being and pleasure. With this precious sesame in your pocket, your recipient will be able to browse our digital showcase for fascinating botanical finds.

Yes, of course, our must-have houseplants are there, ready to bring a breath of oxygen to any space. But that's not all! Our gift card also allows you to purchase our accessories. Design pots that are anything but ordinary, or maintenance products to keep your plants looking their best.

What are the different amounts available for Léon & George gift cards and which one should I choose?

A Léon & George gift card is the perfect gift to introduce your loved ones to the fascinating world of plants.

Wondering how much to choose? Don't worry, we have a wide range of options to suit all budgets and intentions.

We offer gift cards in the following values:

  1. 25€ to 50€: Perfect for a special someone to discover the world of Léon & George. To complement the purchase of a plant, to treat yourself to gardening accessories or to choose an essential maintenance product.
  2. 100€ to 150€: Ideal for a medium-sized plant or two small plants.
  3. 200€ to 300€: Excellent choice for someone who wants a large plant or one or two medium-sized plants with a more upmarket pot and some maintenance products.
  4. 400€ to 500€: For the true amateur, this amount allows you to opt for a large or extra-large plant with a top-of-the-range pot and a few accessories.
  5. 750€ to 1000€: For those who are serious about embellishing their interiors with several plants. These amounts give you the freedom to choose from the most exclusive plants and pots in our range.

Your plants look so perfect in the pictures… Are they real?!

We're often asked if our plants are artificial... We swear they're real!

At Léon & George we do our best to ensure that you get the interior you dream of, without having to run through several stores to find the ideal composition.

Ready to install and to be admired, our houseplants are carefully selected and prepared. They are adapted to your desires and your space. Our green plants are accompanied by edition planters with noble and innovative materials. They will also be accompanied by clay balls (placed between the horticultural pot and the planter to preserve a good rate of humidity), a sophisticated finish thanks to the naturally stabilized moss that covers the potting soil and our maintenance advice.

Can I choose a single plant without a planter?


Select the "staging kit without pot" button in the Pot Option or Nursery Pot option:

Capture d’écran 2021-11-18 à 12.35.28.png

For the Staging-Kit option, the plant will be delivered in its own horticultural pot, accompanied by a suitable saucer, clay balls, decorative moss and a watering indicator.

I would like to give a plant as a gift. What is included ?

Each plant offered includes the chosen plant and pot set, as well as simple care instructions to keep the plant happy and healthy.

You can attach a gift message to the recipient from the checkout page.

We do not enclose invoices with packages.

Gift plants are also covered by our 30-day guarantee and Plant Doctor program, which means the recipient can call us at any time for help with plant care. Being a new plant parent can have its ups and downs, but we make sure our plants are simple to care for and easy to love!

When will I receive my plant?

Orders are processed within 5-10 business days, from monday to wednesday excluding weekends and holidays. Standard transit time is between 2-5 business days.

For faster delivery, we offer Express Treatment for eligible products. Orders are processed within 2-5 business days, from monday to wednesday excluding weekends and holidays. Express transit time is between 1-3 business days.

For the well-being of your plant, we only ship orders from monday to wednesday to ensures efficient travel time and avoids weekend transit.

Please note: During extreme weather conditions, we may decide to postpone shipment of your plant. You will be notified by email. This strategy ensures efficient travel conditions during severe weather can cause damage.

We appreciate your understanding and patience. After all, the weather is beyond our control!

For Paris and Ile-de-France, We also offer a hand-delivery service carried out by our teams from Wednesday to Saturday, depending on availability and by appointment.

How is my plant prepared and protected for transport?

We take great care in packaging each and every plant set to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. Our innovative, custom packaging allows us to not only protect our delicate ceramic planters but also any variety of living greenery. Unboxing is easy and delightful.

Where do your plants come from?

Get ready to open your home to a new leafy botanical friend that will transform your space into an oasis of well-being!

Our plants come from European nurseries committed to sustainable and responsible agriculture. With trusted certifications such as MPS and ISO 9001, these nurseries are more than just suppliers: they are our trusted partners.

Why are we so meticulous in our selection of growers? Because we're passionate about promoting ethical agriculture. Our partners grow their plants using sustainable agriculture techniques, from efficient water management to rainwater harvesting. We don't just choose them; we get to know them, visit them and cultivate a relationship based on mutual respect and a love of greenery.

So, for a detailed look at your future leafy companion, don't hesitate to consult its product sheet. You'll discover not only care tips, but also the special features that make it an ideal choice for enriching your interior ambience.

Add a touch of nature to your everyday life, while contributing to a greener future. It's a win-win situation for you and your new leafy friend!

What makes Léon & George different from other online plant shops?

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and experience.  Exceptional products When you buy from Léon & George, you receive hand-selected green plants carefully inspected for quality, beauty and size. We source from trusted local growers. Each Léon & George plant is pruned, cleaned and treated with our own natural soap, fertilizers and insecticides. Léon & George plants are placed in pots of the highest quality, made in small batches and finished by hand. These pots are renowned for their strength, impermeability and sturdiness. Plants are potted to ensure optimum air circulation and drainage, and are covered with preserved decorative natural forest moss. Our plant care products are formulated in-house and produced locally using natural ingredients and proven recipes. Impeccable service Each set of plants is treated with care and shipped securely in custom-designed packaging. Local "White-Glove" delivery in Ile-de-France is a frictionless experience, with streamlined communication and exemplary customer service. Our team delivers and places your plant at the location of your choice, and takes away all unwanted packaging materials.  Lifetime support We offer free lifetime access to our Plant Doctor service, where you can chat with our horticultural experts to get all the plant care assistance you need.  Try our service and discover the Leon & George difference. Our commitment to quality is our legend, and that's how we've become the leader in the premium plant industry.

What is the moisture meter and how does it work?

All large and extra large plant sets will include a sleek, innovative moisture meter that will tell you when it’s time to water. 

This moisture meter does not require batteries and uses a simple color scale: blue = no need to water, white = time to water. To use, gently insert as deep as possible into your plant’s soil, taking care not to damage any roots. Wait 20-30 minutes to read. If the window is completely white, water your plant as instructed on your care card. If the window is blue, hold off on watering until it turns completely white. Wait a couple of days before watering, the moisture meter should not be constantly bright blue.

After 9 months it will be time to replace the moister meter stick.

Please note that Léon & George does not take responsibility for damage caused by incorrect or forceful use of the moisture meter. 

Will the plant I receive be exactly like the one in the photo on your site?

Of course, no two plants look the same. Although we do our best to offer you a plant that looks as much as possible as the photos, there will always be variations, which is what makes each plant unique!

What is the 30-day plant guarantee all about?

We want to ensure that everyone has a successful experience with their plants. Our plants are all easy to care for and come with our care instructions to guide you in their care. Even so, if your plant dies within the first 30 days of receipt, we will replace it!

All you have to do is contact us!

Learn more about your plant's guarantee.

What will I receive with my plant ?

If you order a plant with pot you will receive :

- 1 plant

- 1 pot

- clay balls

- decorative moss

- a moisture meter (free, only for Large and Xlarge plants orders)

- our plant care tips

- Plant Doctor service access

If you order a plant without pot you will receive :

- 1 plant in its growing plastic pot and adapted saucer

- clay balls

- decorative moss

- a moisture meter (free, only for Large and Xlarge plants orders)

- our plant care tips

- Plant Doctor service access

Small and medium plants are shipped already assembled. Large planters and plants are shipped separately and you will simply have to follow our assembly guide. If you choose the "White-Glove" delivery, the plants will be assembled and installed for you on site by our experts.

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