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Kentia Palm 1m90 Extra Large Mid-Century

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pot style:

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Easy Care

Easy to care plant. The Kentia Palm requires low-maintenance

Pet Safe

Safe plant for pets.

30-day Guarantee

Living plants need time to adapt to changing conditions. If your plant doesn’t settle in comfortably within the first 30 days, we’ll replace it.

Plant Doctor

Our houseplants are unique, and so are you. Each of our green plants is pampered and delivered with care. Our Plant Doctor is available for personalized and ongoing support to keep your houseplant thriving and looking great.

Secure Delivery

"White-Glove" delivery or shipped in our exclusive Packaging, your plant will remain protected during its journey. From conception to your show, we strive to achieve a positive social and ecological footprint. We have designed plastic-free packaging made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. With our "No Risk Delivery" guarantee, you can have peace of mind! If, despite all the care we took in preparing your order, your plant or pot is damaged, we will send you a replacement free of charge.

Local & Sustainable

Your orders are prepared in our workshops in France.
All our plants are grown in Europe under ideal conditions and responsibly by MPS-A certified producers.
We prioritize French or European manufacturing for our pots and accessories, and handmade craftsmanship.

Plant Details & Size

With long majestic leaf fronds rising up from the bottom, the Kentia Palm is the ultimate statement plant. Surprisingly resilient and easy to care for.

  • Approximately 1m80 - 2m in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf
  • Botanical name: Howea forsteriana
  • Native to Australia and New Zealand
  • Grown in the Netherlands

*Please note that plants are grown naturally and can vary in height ± 10%. If you're looking for a specific height, please reach out and we'd be happy to help.

Is This the Right Plant for You?

The voluptuous Kentia Palm is best in spacious rooms, or for creating that tropical canopy feel. Due to its resiliency, this indoor plant grows at a slow rate and will maintain its overall height and shape with consistent care.

Difficulty: Easy to care plant

The Kentia Palm requires low-maintenance

No Toxic Plant

Safe plant for pets.

Location & Brightness

Prefers bright indirect light, but forgiving of less light · View Light Guide

Pot Design & Size

The 36 - Velvet white mid-century Jatoba is a ceramic planter in matte color. Its slightly flared shape and velvet finish inspire serenity. Combined by a solid wood stand it will bring a Mid-Century look to your decor.

Planter characteristics:

  • Clay, matte color, waterproof
  • No drainage hole - Ideal for indoor use
  • Made in Germany

Wood stand:

  • Handcrafted from solid Beech wood from French eco-managed forests, PEFC™ labeled. Learn more
  • Finished with natural oil without VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • Made in France

Planter dimensions:

  • Outside diameter 36.5cm - inside 34cm
  • Outside height 31cm - inside 29.5cm

Planter dimensions + wood stand:

  • Width 38.5cm x height 43.5cm

Care Essentials

Location & Brightness

Prefers bright indirect light, but forgiving of less light · View Light Guide


Approximately 0.5 to 1 liter of water once a week in summer, 0.5 liter every 10 days to 2 weeks in winter.

Care Guide

For watering of the Palmier Kentia (Howea forsteriana), use water at room temperature and whose chlorine has evaporated. Keep the soil slightly moist but let the top soil (5 - 6cm) dry between waterings. Remove the decorative moss beforehand to avoid wetting it. Water in 2 times, spaced about 10 minutes apart, so that the soil absorbs the water well. Spray the foliage of your plant regularly to increase the humidity level. Clean the foliage once a month with a soft cloth and diluted black soap. Rotate the pot a quarter circle at this time to promote smooth growth. Apply suitable fertilizer once a month from March to September.

The Léon & George Experience

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healthy and repotted plants, watering indicator and root protection solution included
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Plant Doctor Access
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Loved by 80,000 & counting A world of lush greenery.
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customer reviews for the Kentia Palm


Nathalie H.

Verified Buyer


Paris, 75

Seema J.

Verified Buyer


Paris, 75

Parfait en tous points, surtout pour un prix premium ;)

Horaires respectés. Conseils de qualité. Livraison conforme au descriptif du site. Services bien pensés. Autres commandes sans doute et recommandations à des tiers déjà faites. Merci

Pascal M.

Verified Buyer



Magnifique !

J’adore ce grand palmier et ce cache-pot ! Livraison parfaite. J’ai même eu droit à quelques conseils particuliers. Du sur-mesure !

Ludovic R.

Verified Buyer


Montreuil, 93

Tortosa M.

Verified Buyer



Questions about the Kentia Palm

How tall can a Kentia Palm grow?

The Kentia Palm, also known as Howea forsteriana, can reach a height of 18 meters in the wild. Indoors, it will generally not exceed 2.50 meters. Still, it's a real indoor tree. With its moderate growth, this palm is perfect for creating a tropical canopy atmosphere in spacious rooms.

Does Kentia Palm purify the air?

Yes, Kentia Palms are powerful indoor air purifiers, removing toxins from your home and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Does the Kentia Palm need a lot of sun?

The Kentia Palm is a model of lighting flexibility. Ideally, it prefers to bathe in bright indirect light, but its nature allows it to adapt to shady spaces. This makes it perfect for various areas of your home or office, whether a quiet corner or a space bathed in subdued natural light.

Is the Kentia Palm easy to maintain?

Absolutely, but it's essential to understand and tame it.

The Kentia Palm is a less forgiving plant than others, requiring a bit of attention, so it's important to get to know its needs. Be careful not to over-water or neglect it, as this could lead to its leaves drying out. Fortunately, even if you make a few mistakes, don't worry: after a period of stabilization, and a new period of growth and the appearance of new palms, your Kentia Palm will regain its splendor. It's a resilient plant that, with a little care and attention, will continue to thrive in your space.

Is Kentia Palm toxic or poisonous to humans or pets?

This houseplant is non-toxic to humans and pets. You can therefore place it in your home without fear for your children, dogs or cats.

Is the Kentia Palm prone to disease and parasites?

The Kentia Palm, with its exotic allure and robustness, is generally resistant to disease and pests.

However, like all plants, it is not immune to certain threats. Particular attention needs to be paid to humidity and watering, as excess humidity can encourage the development of fungal diseases, and overly dry air can attract pests such as mealybugs and red spiders. Regular maintenance, including leaf cleaning and careful monitoring, will help preserve the health and beauty of your Kentia Palm, keeping it away from unwanted visitors. In the event of invasion, rapid intervention with the right treatment is key. Remove pests with Super Neem Oil solution and a soft cloth, and spray the foliage more regularly to increase atmospheric humidity.

In addition, this palm tree can also be affected by fungi, particularly if over-watering leads to root rot and dry stems and leaves. To treat this problem, it's essential to reduce humidity around the plant, ensure good air circulation, remove any stagnant water at the bottom of the pot and remove affected parts. A root check-up is also advisable. The use of a plant repair treatment may also be necessary. It's always best to prevent these problems by maintaining a regular watering regime.

Does Howea forsteriana produce flowers and fruit?

Although less well known for its floral qualities, Howea forsteriana, more commonly known as Kentia Palm, has the potential to produce flowers and fruit in its natural habitat. However, indoors, where it is often appreciated for its lush, airy foliage, flowering and fruiting are rare events. If you're lucky enough to witness this event, expect discreet flowers followed by small fruits. But don't forget, the real spectacle of the Kentia Palm lies in its elegant leaves and majestic habit.

Your plants look so perfect in the pictures… Are they real?!

We're often asked if our plants are artificial... We swear they're real!

At Léon & George we do our best to ensure that you get the interior you dream of, without having to run through several stores to find the ideal composition.

Ready to install and to be admired, our houseplants are carefully selected and prepared. They are adapted to your desires and your space. Our green plants are accompanied by edition planters with noble and innovative materials. They will also be accompanied by clay balls (placed between the horticultural pot and the planter to preserve a good rate of humidity), a sophisticated finish thanks to the naturally stabilized moss that covers the potting soil and our maintenance advice.

Can I choose a single plant without a planter?


Select the "staging kit without pot" button in the Pot Option or Nursery Pot option:

Capture d’écran 2021-11-18 à 12.35.28.png

For the Staging-Kit option, the plant will be delivered in its own horticultural pot, accompanied by a suitable saucer, clay balls, decorative moss and a watering indicator.

I would like to give a plant as a gift. What is included ?

Each plant offered includes the chosen plant and pot set, as well as simple care instructions to keep the plant happy and healthy.

You can attach a gift message to the recipient from the checkout page.

We do not enclose invoices with packages.

Gift plants are also covered by our 30-day guarantee and Plant Doctor program, which means the recipient can call us at any time for help with plant care. Being a new plant parent can have its ups and downs, but we make sure our plants are simple to care for and easy to love!

When will I receive my plant?

Orders are processed within 5-10 business days, from monday to wednesday excluding weekends and holidays. Standard transit time is between 2-5 business days.

For faster delivery, we offer Express Treatment for eligible products. Orders are processed within 2-5 business days, from monday to wednesday excluding weekends and holidays. Express transit time is between 1-3 business days.

For the well-being of your plant, we only ship orders from monday to wednesday to ensures efficient travel time and avoids weekend transit.

Please note: During extreme weather conditions, we may decide to postpone shipment of your plant. You will be notified by email. This strategy ensures efficient travel conditions during severe weather can cause damage.

We appreciate your understanding and patience. After all, the weather is beyond our control!

For Paris and Ile-de-France, We also offer a hand-delivery service carried out by our teams from Wednesday to Saturday, depending on availability and by appointment.

How is my plant prepared and protected for transport?

We take great care in packaging each and every plant set to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. Our innovative, custom packaging allows us to not only protect our delicate ceramic planters but also any variety of living greenery. Unboxing is easy and delightful.

Where do your plants come from?

Get ready to open your home to a new leafy botanical friend that will transform your space into an oasis of well-being!

Our plants come from European nurseries committed to sustainable and responsible agriculture. With trusted certifications such as MPS and ISO 9001, these nurseries are more than just suppliers: they are our trusted partners.

Why are we so meticulous in our selection of growers? Because we're passionate about promoting ethical agriculture. Our partners grow their plants using sustainable agriculture techniques, from efficient water management to rainwater harvesting. We don't just choose them; we get to know them, visit them and cultivate a relationship based on mutual respect and a love of greenery.

So, for a detailed look at your future leafy companion, don't hesitate to consult its product sheet. You'll discover not only care tips, but also the special features that make it an ideal choice for enriching your interior ambience.

Add a touch of nature to your everyday life, while contributing to a greener future. It's a win-win situation for you and your new leafy friend!

What makes Léon & George different from other online plant shops?

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products and experience.  Exceptional products When you buy from Léon & George, you receive hand-selected green plants carefully inspected for quality, beauty and size. We source from trusted local growers. Each Léon & George plant is pruned, cleaned and treated with our own natural soap, fertilizers and insecticides. Léon & George plants are placed in pots of the highest quality, made in small batches and finished by hand. These pots are renowned for their strength, impermeability and sturdiness. Plants are potted to ensure optimum air circulation and drainage, and are covered with preserved decorative natural forest moss. Our plant care products are formulated in-house and produced locally using natural ingredients and proven recipes. Impeccable service Each set of plants is treated with care and shipped securely in custom-designed packaging. Local "White-Glove" delivery in Ile-de-France is a frictionless experience, with streamlined communication and exemplary customer service. Our team delivers and places your plant at the location of your choice, and takes away all unwanted packaging materials.  Lifetime support We offer free lifetime access to our Plant Doctor service, where you can chat with our horticultural experts to get all the plant care assistance you need.  Try our service and discover the Leon & George difference. Our commitment to quality is our legend, and that's how we've become the leader in the premium plant industry.

What is the moisture meter and how does it work?

All large and extra large plant sets will include a sleek, innovative moisture meter that will tell you when it’s time to water. 

This moisture meter does not require batteries and uses a simple color scale: blue = no need to water, white = time to water. To use, gently insert as deep as possible into your plant’s soil, taking care not to damage any roots. Wait 20-30 minutes to read. If the window is completely white, water your plant as instructed on your care card. If the window is blue, hold off on watering until it turns completely white. Wait a couple of days before watering, the moisture meter should not be constantly bright blue.

After 9 months it will be time to replace the moister meter stick.

Please note that Léon & George does not take responsibility for damage caused by incorrect or forceful use of the moisture meter. 

Will the plant I receive be exactly like the one in the photo on your site?

Of course, no two plants look the same. Although we do our best to offer you a plant that looks as much as possible as the photos, there will always be variations, which is what makes each plant unique!

What is the 30-day plant guarantee all about?

We want to ensure that everyone has a successful experience with their plants. Our plants are all easy to care for and come with our care instructions to guide you in their care. Even so, if your plant dies within the first 30 days of receipt, we will replace it!

All you have to do is contact us!

Learn more about your plant's guarantee.

What will I receive with my plant ?

If you order a plant with pot you will receive :

- 1 plant

- 1 pot

- clay balls

- decorative moss

- a moisture meter (free, only for Large and Xlarge plants orders)

- our plant care tips

- Plant Doctor service access

If you order a plant without pot you will receive :

- 1 plant in its growing plastic pot and adapted saucer

- clay balls

- decorative moss

- a moisture meter (free, only for Large and Xlarge plants orders)

- our plant care tips

- Plant Doctor service access

Small and medium plants are shipped already assembled. Large planters and plants are shipped separately and you will simply have to follow our assembly guide. If you choose the "White-Glove" delivery, the plants will be assembled and installed for you on site by our experts.

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