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Organic Black Soap Spray

Leaf Shine · Natural insecticide · Fungicide

An indispensable complement to your Léon & George plants, L’Original is our ode to the tradition of olive-oil based soaps made in Southern France. All natural and made with just four ingredients, L'Original acts as a natural leaf shine, insecticide, and fungicide for all living plants.



The perfect formula for keeping your plants dust-free and in optimum condition for photosynthesis, this black olive oil soap also functions as a natural deterrent for pests and as well as fungal growth:

  • Reveals a long-lasting shine on plants’ foliage after each use
  • Acts as a natural deterrent for pests such as scale or mealybugs, preventing potential infestations
  • Serves as a natural fungicide
  • Ready to use and in spray bottle format.

How To Use: This soap is pre-diluted. Spray directly onto plant foliage, wipe with a clean, soft cloth. Also safe to use on precious surfaces such as wood, stone, leather and metal.

Ingredients: Aqua, Olea europaea fruit oil, potassium hydroxide, lactobacillus ferment.
This product is free of coloring, artificial fragrance, preservatives, and chemical additives

Locally Made in Los Angeles

Contents: 8OZ. / 236ML

customer reviews for the Organic Black Soap Spray

xactly what the plants would order

very lite mist leaves a great shine, amazing that it also protects against bugs

charlie j.

Verified Buyer


Absolutely fantastic

The fiddle leaf fig tree us large, full, green, Beautifully shaped and I’m so happy. We paid for your concierge delivery service and the drivers were on time, Clean, polite and accommodating. We will be purchasing more!

Theresa C.

Verified Buyer


Organic Black Soap Spray

Oh my gosh! Amazing product!!!! I have 42 house plants 🪴 of which 37 of them had their leaves cleaned. I have almost completed the entire bottle. It was quite a fete, however, I can hear the plants saying Ahhhh and Smiling!😊 This spray is fantastic. I am CAN highly recommend this product with no reservations. Purchase for you plant babies you will be soooo happy with no regrets. A very experienced plant 🪴 MOM

Gloria R.

Verified Buyer



My plants are loving this soap. It makes them more greener and protected!

Thiago R.

Verified Buyer


Featured Questions

I have a last minute unforeseen event, I will be absent during the delivery, what should I do?

For White Glove delivery the first thing to do is to notify us by email at bonjour@leonandgeorge.com or by phone at +33686879202 to tell us if a neighbor, friend, or caretaker can receive the plant for you, or if it can be safely dropped off at your doorstep. We will be able to transmit these new indications to the delivery person. If neither of these solutions is possible, we can also deliver to another address (office for example). Finally, as a last resort, we will schedule a new delivery. This service will be billed at the corresponding price to the delivery of your items, as indicated on the order form.

For Standard delivery La Poste Colissimo, Chronopost or UPS will send you an email to tell you the procedure to follow (redelivery or collection point). But don't delay in picking up your plant that needs light!

#lastminute #delivery

What is Léon & George, and how does it work?

Léon & George delivers healthy and beautiful indoor plants to your door—already potted, styled, and ready for their closeup. Every delivery also includes a 45-day guarantee and lifetime plant care support to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy. Customers can choose the size and variety of plant as well as specify the pot color and styling, or keep things simple and take a recommendation from one of our stylists. Léon & George also offers accessories, decoration and care products to keep your plants healthy. Léon & George also provides plants for offices (advice, delivery and maintenance). You can contact us at bonjourpro@leonandgeorge.com for your plant office installation. Our Plant Doctor will bring you support anytime, do not hesitate to write at bonjourdocteur@leonandgeorge.com

Certified Greenery : All greenery is grown or acclimated in the Netherlands to certify the highest level of quality approved by european agriculture requirements. The exotic plants’ horticulturists are thoroughly selected for their social and environmental responsibility. We regularly visit horticultural companies to assess the level of production and growth. In this way, we can guarantee a healthy product of excellent quality.

#about #office #quality #service

What is your 45-day guarantee all about?

We want to assure you that anyone can be a successful plant owner. Our plants are all easy to care for and come with foolproof care instructions. It takes a little practice to develop a green thumb, but if the plant dies within your first 45 days, we'll replace it!

Send us an email at bonjour@leonandgeorge.com with your order number, to process any return or exchange wish.


Do you offer a business maintenance service?

Yes ! We have a personalized offer for offices for the greening of their spaces, as well as a plant maintenance option. Visit our Business Section website or contact us at bonjourpro@leonandgeorge.com, we will be happy to support you in your project.

#office #professional #business

Can I reschedule my delivery?

Of course! For White Glove delivery (X-Large and Large plants) we simply ask that you notify us at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery day so that we can notify our delivery team. Contact us at bonjour@leonandgeorge.com to let us know what changes you would like to make.

For Standard delivery (Tabletops and accessories), we ask you to inform us as soon as possible and at the latest 24 hours after the validation of your order to be sure that the order is not yet shipped. Contact us on bonjour@leonandgeorge.com to indicate the desired changes.

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