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Can I use several gift cards for a single purchase?

Of course, abundance is the key to happiness, isn't it? 

At Léon & George, we believe in flexibility and choice. So you have the freedom to apply multiple gift cards to a single transaction.

Get that sumptuous Dracaena that purifies the air or that ficus that will make your neighbor jealous! All you have to do is enter your unique gift card codes at checkout, and voila: your indoor oasis comes to life.

So, if your secret garden consists of combining multiple gift cards to unearth the plant that matches your soul, we say, "Go ahead, be the gardener of your dreams!"

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes ! We offer a digital gift card sent directly by email and a physical gift card sent by post.

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Do Léon & George gift cards have an expiry date?

Good news! Our Léon & George gift cards are forever, just like your love of plants. Yes, that's right: these little gems have no expiration date.

Ideal for interior design enthusiasts, wellness lovers and even botanical novices, this gift card is the ultimate pass to a greener, happier life.

Can the Léon & George gift card be used in instalments?

Of course, the magic of flexibility goes into every Léon & George gift card!

You can choose from our potted plants, gardening accessories and special collections on our website. 

And what's even cooler? If credits remain on your card after a purchase, they don't disappear into thin air. Keep them for your next green craving or botanical escape!

Need to add a little something extra to reach your botanical dream amount? Don't worry, you can add to it.

What can I buy with a Léon & George gift card?

Wondering what you can get with a Léon & George gift card? Think indoor garden, oasis of well-being and pleasure. With this precious sesame in your pocket, your recipient will be able to browse our digital showcase for fascinating botanical finds.

Yes, of course, our must-have houseplants are there, ready to bring a breath of oxygen to any space. But that's not all! Our gift card also allows you to purchase our accessories. Design pots that are anything but ordinary, or maintenance products to keep your plants looking their best.

What are the different amounts available for Léon & George gift cards and which one should I choose?

A Léon & George gift card is the perfect gift to introduce your loved ones to the fascinating world of plants.

Wondering how much to choose? Don't worry, we have a wide range of options to suit all budgets and intentions.

We offer gift cards in the following values:

  1. 25€ to 50€: Perfect for a special someone to discover the world of Léon & George. To complement the purchase of a plant, to treat yourself to gardening accessories or to choose an essential maintenance product.
  2. 100€ to 150€: Ideal for a medium-sized plant or two small plants.
  3. 200€ to 300€: Excellent choice for someone who wants a large plant or one or two medium-sized plants with a more upmarket pot and some maintenance products.
  4. 400€ to 500€: For the true amateur, this amount allows you to opt for a large or extra-large plant with a top-of-the-range pot and a few accessories.
  5. 750€ to 1000€: For those who are serious about embellishing their interiors with several plants. These amounts give you the freedom to choose from the most exclusive plants and pots in our range.

Do you offer a physical gift card?

Of course, we've got just what you need! Choose our physical gift card, delivered directly to your mailbox or that of the lucky recipient.

Looking to personalize your gift even further? Add a personal gift message.

Buy, send and please - it's that easy!


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