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Where do your plants come from?

Get ready to open your home to a new leafy botanical friend that will transform your space into an oasis of well-being!

Our plants come from European nurseries committed to sustainable and responsible agriculture. With trusted certifications such as MPS and ISO 9001, these nurseries are more than just suppliers: they are our trusted partners.

Why are we so meticulous in our selection of growers? Because we're passionate about promoting ethical agriculture. Our partners grow their plants using sustainable agriculture techniques, from efficient water management to rainwater harvesting. We don't just choose them; we get to know them, visit them and cultivate a relationship based on mutual respect and a love of greenery.

So, for a detailed look at your future leafy companion, don't hesitate to consult its product sheet. You'll discover not only care tips, but also the special features that make it an ideal choice for enriching your interior ambience.

Add a touch of nature to your everyday life, while contributing to a greener future. It's a win-win situation for you and your new leafy friend!

What will I receive with my plant ?

If you order a plant with pot you will receive :

- 1 plant

- 1 pot

- clay balls

- decorative moss

- a moisture meter (free, only for Large and Xlarge plants orders)

- our plant care tips

- Plant Doctor service access

If you order a plant without pot you will receive :

- 1 plant in its growing plastic pot and adapted saucer

- clay balls

- decorative moss

- a moisture meter (free, only for Large and Xlarge plants orders)

- our plant care tips

- Plant Doctor service access

Small and medium plants are shipped already assembled. Large planters and plants are shipped separately and you will simply have to follow our assembly guide. If you choose the "White-Glove" delivery, the plants will be assembled and installed for you on site by our experts.

What is the moisture meter and how does it work?

All large and extra large plant sets will include a sleek, innovative moisture meter that will tell you when it’s time to water. 

This moisture meter does not require batteries and uses a simple color scale: blue = no need to water, white = time to water. To use, gently insert as deep as possible into your plant’s soil, taking care not to damage any roots. Wait 20-30 minutes to read. If the window is completely white, water your plant as instructed on your care card. If the window is blue, hold off on watering until it turns completely white. Wait a couple of days before watering, the moisture meter should not be constantly bright blue.

After 9 months it will be time to replace the moister meter stick.

Please note that Léon & George does not take responsibility for damage caused by incorrect or forceful use of the moisture meter. 

Can I choose a single plant without a planter?


Select the "staging kit without pot" button in the Pot Option or Nursery Pot option:

Capture d’écran 2021-11-18 à 12.35.28.png

For the Staging-Kit option, the plant will be delivered in its own horticultural pot, accompanied by a suitable saucer, clay balls, decorative moss and a watering indicator.

Can I customize my product ?

Yes you can customize the pot.

Customization is free from 10 plants ordered.

Request a quote

The personalization consists of an easily removable transparent sticker. Send us your logo, the required size and the location of the sticker on the pot.

How Do I Assemble The Wood Stand?


Will the plant I receive be exactly like the one in the photo on your site?

Of course, no two plants look the same. Although we do our best to offer you a plant that looks as much as possible as the photos, there will always be variations, which is what makes each plant unique!

How do I choose the right plant for me?

Léon & George specializes in delivering plants adapted to modern life.

Forget complicated care, our plants are handpicked for their resilience and ease of maintenance. Nevertheless, it's crucial to consult the specific requirements and care guide for each variety. You'll find advice on sunlight, watering and other care tips tailored to your new green friend.

A few questions to ask yourself:

Don't hesitate to consult our different collections, which will meet every need and every space.

Are you still in a botanical fog? Don't panic! Our team of botanical experts is just a click away. Simply send us your questions to [email protected] and we'll help you find the perfect plant for your space.

Are your houseplants safe for pets and children?

Most houseplants are completely safe for pets and children. When this is the case, we will notify it in the plant care guide on our website. You can consult our collection of non toxic plants.

#safety #pets #children

Decorative moss, what is it? How to take care of it?

Decorative moss is Léon & George's sophisticated touch signature! It is a lichen - a vegetable moss - naturally stabilized. It will complete the finish of your plant for a bright interior. This moss is made eternal thanks to the injection of a 100% natural oil which makes it immortal. No care is required for the decorative moss. Avoid getting it wet when watering, it will dry out and lose all its flexibility.

#moss #care

How tall are your plants?

You can see the size of each plant by going to our website. On each product page the average size is indicated. The size varies a few centimeters according to arrivals and seasons.

#size #plants

What are the different varieties of non-toxic plants for pets?

Discover a plant world perfectly suited to cohabitation with your pets. What do the leaves say? "Chew me if you like, I'm harmless!"

The Pet-Friendly Plants Best-of :

  1. Rhapis Excelsa (or Lady Palm): Captivate your senses with this plant with emerald, fan-shaped leaves. A real visual treat that quickly becomes the centerpiece of any space.
  2. Kentia Palm: This isn't just a palm tree, it's an invitation to tropical escape. Imagine leafy shadows dancing softly across your walls. You don't need a PhD in botany to care for it!
  3. Pachira Aquatica: More than a plant, it's a statement of intent. Its braided trunk and lush foliage make it a symbol of prosperity. An ideal choice for those who like to combine aesthetics and symbolism.
  4. Calatheas (Calathea Lancifolia aka Paon de Rio, Calathea Magenta): Think of them as botanical masterpieces. The patterns on their leaves seem to have been drawn by an artist, and their velvety texture will invite you to contemplate.
  5. Ferns (Boston Fern, Bird's Nest Fern): Bright green leaves and easy care that will make you wonder why you didn't invest in these wonders before.
  6. Maranta (Maranta Leuconeura): Say hello to this little gem, a plant that makes you feel like a painter spent time creating each leaf. Its distinctive red veins add a subtle artistic touch.
  7. Pilea Peperomioides: This plant brings a touch of modern design to any interior with its coin-shaped leaves. A little treasure of nature for your home.
  8. Catnip: a non-toxic houseplant for cats. Easy to grow, cats love its scent.

Remember, a harmonious indoor jungle starts with the right plants. Brighten, oxygenate and revitalize your space while peacefully cohabiting with your four-legged friends.

What are the different types of plants that need little light?

For those looking to transform their interiors into a verdant setting without the light of perpetual summer sunshine, good news! Forget palms like Kentia, Ficus, or philodendrons like Monstera. Discover our selective list of plants as robust as they are elegant, perfectly adapted to conditions of modest luminosity.

Here are a few must-haves:

  1. Dragonwood (Dracaena): With its boldly colored green and red leaves, this indoor tree is not just an eye-catcher. This plant acts as a filter for notorious chemical pollutants.
  2. Sansevieria Trifasciata: From Laurentii to Moonshine to Golden Hahnii, every member of the Sansevieria family is at home in both bright and dimly lit spaces. What's more, this plant will purify the air in your apartment. Be careful, however, to control watering.
  3. Scindapsus Aureus (Pothos Cascade): Ideal for those with low-light work spaces. Pothos thrives even under artificial lighting. Place it on your desk, hang it high or let your imagination run free to highlight the heart-shaped foliage of this drooping plant.
  4. Zamioculcas (Joyau de Zanzibar): Although it prefers shady, open spaces. The ZZ plant needs only a trickle of light to flourish and display its robustness.
  5. Aspidistra Elatior: Looking to inject a touch of retro into your interior? Look no further. This dark-green, lanceolate plant is equally at home in a light-filled living room or a less exposed office.

These houseplants are living proof that it's entirely possible to keep a space green, lush and purified, even when sunlight is lacking.

What are the different varieties of depolluting plants?

Discover the power of plants that do much more than simply adorn your home! At a time when well-being is taking center stage, the air you breathe also deserves a little rejuvenation. Forget sprays and gadgets, the real magic comes from nature itself. Here are a few must-haves:

  1. Ficus (Ficus elastica, lyrata, benjamina): This classic, known for its beauty, is also an effective air purifier and depolluting plant. It's like having an air purifier that grows on its own!
  2. Dragontree (Dracaena): With its boldly colored green and red leaves, this plant isn't just a visual eye-catcher. It acts as a filter for notorious chemicals.
  3. Philodendron: This hardy plant is just as hard-working, absorbing unwanted substances in its immediate environment. And the best part? It accommodates varying levels of light.
  4. Spathiphyllum, aka Peace Lily: This elegant plant doesn't just unveil its immaculate white flowers; it's also formidable against formaldehyde and various hydrocarbons. A must for sophisticated interiors.
  5. Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum): Don't let its name fool you; it's not a plant full of parasites :) this plant is a guardian angel that absorbs xylene and toluene. Ideal for large spaces thanks to its rapid growth.
  6. Arec palm (Dypsis lutescens): In addition to giving your living room a tropical air, this plant is a champion air purifier. Benzene and trichloroethylene disappear like magic.

🐾 Pet owner? Before welcoming these natural purifiers, make sure they're compatible with your four-legged friends. Some plants can be toxic to pets. Discover our collection of pet-safe plants.


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