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Why does my plant look different from the one on the website?

Of course, no two plants look the same. Although we do our best to offer you a plant that looks as much as possible as the photos, there will always be variations, which is what makes each plant unique!

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How do I choose the right houseplant for me?

We choose to sell plants that are particularly easy to care for, however take the time to read each plant's care guide to make sure it meets the conditions you can provide it.

In case of hesitation, please contact our Plant Doctor at bonjourdocteur@leonandgeorge.com.

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Are your houseplants safe for pets and children?

Most houseplants are completely safe for pets and children. When this is the case, we will notify it in the plant care guide on our website.

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Decorative moss, what is it? How to take care of it?

Decorative moss is Léon & George's sophisticated touch signature! It is a lichen - a vegetable moss - naturally stabilized. It will complete the finish of your plant for a bright interior. This moss is made eternal thanks to the injection of a 100% natural oil which makes it immortal. No care is required for the decorative moss. Avoid getting it wet when watering, it will dry out and lose all its flexibility.

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How tall are your plants?

You can see the size of each plant by going to our website. On each product page the average size is indicated. The size varies a few centimeters according to arrivals and seasons.

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