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What is Léon & George, and how does it work?

Léon & George delivers healthy and beautiful indoor plants to your door—already potted, styled, and ready for their closeup. Every delivery also includes a 45-day guarantee and lifetime plant care support to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy. Customers can choose the size and variety of plant as well as specify the pot color and styling, or keep things simple and take a recommendation from one of our stylists. Léon & George also offers accessories, decoration and care products to keep your plants healthy. Léon & George also provides plants for offices (advice, delivery and maintenance). You can contact us at for your plant office installation. Our Plant Doctor will bring you support anytime, do not hesitate to write at

Certified Greenery : All greenery is grown or acclimated in the Netherlands to certify the highest level of quality approved by european agriculture requirements. The exotic plants’ horticulturists are thoroughly selected for their social and environmental responsibility. We regularly visit horticultural companies to assess the level of production and growth. In this way, we can guarantee a healthy product of excellent quality.

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Who are Léon & George?

A cat and a parrot ! The cutest co-founders in the industry. Discover them here!

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Why are Leon & George plants so beautiful?

At Léon & George we do our best to ensure that you get the interior you dream of, without having to run through several stores to find the ideal composition.

Ready to install and to be admired, our houseplants are carefully selected and adapted to your desires and your space. Delivered with a nice care card and a design planter they will also be accompanied by clay balls (placed between the plastic pot and the planter to preserve a good level of humidity), and a sophisticated finish thanks to the naturally stabilized moss that covers the soil.

Finally, our Doctor Plant is at your service for any questions concerning the health of your plants! contact him at

At Léon & George, we strive every day to respect our values. This is why we favor responsible design and sourcing, high-end materials, organic care products, unique packaging in recycled and recyclable boxes and offer personalized support.

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