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Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush Large Mid-Century


3 ft tall

A lush and sculptural plant with elegant violin-shaped leaves, the Junior Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush makes for a dramatic addition to any indoor space – truly a must-have for all who appreciate style and greenery. This plant needs bright indirect light.

This plant comes in a Black Mid-Century Ceramic & Black Wood Stand pot.

pot style:


pot color:

wood stand option:

Made to Order

Each and every order is hand-selected, inspected for health, treated for insects, pruned, cleaned and staged in your choice of planter.

45 Day Guarantee

Living plants need time to adapt to changing conditions. If your plant doesn’t settle in comfortably within the first 45 days, we’ll replace it.

Plant Doctor Access

All Léon & George plants come with access to our Plant Doctors so you can quit googling contradictory information and get actual help.

Plant Details

Is this plant right for me?


Requires lots of bright indirect light


Water evenly when top of soil is dry, about once a week


Careful with pets.
The plant may cause mild irritation if ingested.


Moderate and requires a bit of special care

Care Guide

More information can be found in the Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush.


Fiddle Leaf Figs are a popular plant with interior designers and often appear in the pages of trendy magazines as a staple of fashion brand photography. Standing at approximately 3 feet tall including pot and stand, this Junior Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush is the perfect balance of volume and grace.

Recommended add-on: Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer

  • Approximately 3 feet in overall height, from bottom of pot to top leaf
  • Botanical name: Ficus lyrata
  • Native to tropical western Africa
  • Live, fully grown, healthy plant · Grown in the USA
  • Careful with pets · Learn More

Pot Details


Meticulously hand-crafted ceramic cylinders, designed specifically for your plants to thrive. Wood stands are handcrafted from reclaimed wood and finished with natural oil.

Plants remain in their plastic grow containers which are placed inside the waterproof ceramic pots, and slightly elevated on foam blocks.

Construction and details
  • Sized to fit 10" grower pots with extra room for drainage
  • Glazed inside and out, completely waterproof
  • No drainage hole, plant should be staged, ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Elevated by a sleek wood stand - teak wood for the light and dark stained options, mahogany wood for the black stained option
  • Finished with non-toxic, non-VOC oil


Moisture Meter

Included with your plant to make watering easy.

We know finding the perfect watering routine is tough and unlike that armchair you bought last year, investing in a large living plant requires a little more attention. As a Léon & George customer, your plant comes with this simple and sleek tool that tells you when it’s time to water.

Designed and tested with research institutions and farmers, this moisture meter works without batteries and uses a simple color scale: blue = enough water, white = time to water.

Learn more about our moisture meter.

customer reviews for the Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

Perfect condition

The plant arrived in perfect condition in its beautiful pot and came with detailed instructions!!! Love it !!

Rose L.

Verified Buyer


Very impressive packaging! Plants were perfect

Lisa W.

Verified Buyer


Denise N.

Verified Buyer


Mary D.

Verified Buyer


Your plants are beautiful!!!

This is the second plant that I have bought from your company. Both enhance each room.

Ellen D.

Verified Buyer


Love my new fig!!!

It came beautifully packaged. My fig looked exactly like the figs on the website. The fig came healthy. I just hope I can keep it happy ;)

Candas H.

Verified Buyer


Excellent quality. My figleaf tree is gorgeous! Very impressed by the packaging too.

Flavia M.

Verified Buyer


Beautiful Plant!

Great shipping container! My Fiddle Leaf Fig tree arrived in mint condition. The planter and stand are well made and add the perfect finishing touch. We’ve named our new plant, Rosella!

Alexis S.

Verified Buyer


Recently purchased this for a plant loving client. Needless to say, it was a hit.

As a Realtor, finding the right gift for each client isn't always easy. When a bottle of champagne wont do the trick, a fiddle leaf fig in a midcentury base will likely hit the spot. Buy with confidence, I highly recommend them for client or self.

Daniel Joseph G.

Verified Buyer


Daniel Joseph G.

Verified Buyer


My fiddle leaf plant is beautiful!

Great packaging.

Lynds S.

Verified Buyer


My fiddle leaf plant is beautiful!

Great packaging.

Lynds S.

Verified Buyer


The best plant shop!

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. My plant came in an easy to open box. It was healthy and looks beautiful in my office. Léon & George knows how to deliver fresh and healthy plants. This was my second purchase from the company and I plan on purchasing a snake plant next. I have tried to buy plants from my local shops, but they never look as healthy as the plants I buy here. I highly recommend the Fiddle Leaf Fig bush.

Janine D.

Verified Buyer


My fiddle leaf fig looks gorgeous next to my TV!

Super healthy, lush leaves, beautiful pot. Thanks guys!

Tim C.

Verified Buyer


My plant was impressively packaged for protection and the plant was beautiful. I did have to buy a stake because it was "leaning", but otherwise it is beautiful and in perfect condition

I am currently look to buy additional plants for my home.

Esther M.

Verified Buyer


Featured Questions

I have a last minute unforeseen event, I will be absent during the delivery, what should I do?

For White Glove delivery (XLarge and Large plants) the first thing to do is to notify us by email at bonjour@leonandgeorge.com or by phone at 0686879202 to tell us if a neighbor, friend, or caretaker can receive the plant for you, or if it can be safely dropped off at your doorstep. We will be able to transmit these new indications to the delivery person. If neither of these solutions is possible, we can also deliver to another address (office for example). Finally, as a last resort, we will schedule a new delivery. This service will be billed at the corresponding price to the delivery of your items, as indicated on the order form.

For Standard delivery (Medium & Small plants, accessories, care) La Poste Colissimo, Chronopost or UPS will send you an email to tell you the procedure to follow (redelivery or collection point). But don't delay in picking up your plant that needs light!

#lastminute #delivery

What is Léon & George, and how does it work?

Léon & George delivers healthy and beautiful indoor plants to your door—already potted, styled, and ready for their closeup. Every delivery also includes a 45-day guarantee and lifetime plant care support to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy. Customers can choose the size and variety of plant as well as specify the pot color and styling, or keep things simple and take a recommendation from one of our stylists. Léon & George also offers accessories, decoration and care products to keep your plants healthy. Léon & George also provides plants for offices (advice, delivery and maintenance). You can contact us at bonjourpro@leonandgeorge.com for your plant office installation. Our Plant Doctor will bring you support anytime, do not hesitate to write at bonjourdocteur@leonandgeorge.com

Certified Greenery : All greenery is grown or acclimated in the Netherlands to certify the highest level of quality approved by european agriculture requirements. The exotic plants’ horticulturists are thoroughly selected for their social and environmental responsibility. We regularly visit horticultural companies to assess the level of production and growth. In this way, we can guarantee a healthy product of excellent quality.

#about #office #quality #service

What is your 45-day guarantee all about?

We want to assure you that anyone can be a successful plant owner. Our plants are all easy to care for and come with foolproof care instructions. It takes a little practice to develop a green thumb, but if the plant dies within your first 45 days, we'll replace it!

Send us an email at bonjour@leonandgeorge.com with your order number, to process any return or exchange wish.


Do you offer a business maintenance service?

Yes ! We have a personalized offer for offices for the greening of their spaces, as well as a plant maintenance option. Visit our Business Section website or contact us at bonjourpro@leonandgeorge.com, we will be happy to support you in your project.

#office #professional #business

Can I reschedule my delivery?

Of course! For White Glove delivery (X-Large and Large plants) we simply ask that you notify us at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery day so that we can notify our delivery team. Contact us at bonjour@leonandgeorge.com to let us know what changes you would like to make.

For Standard delivery (Tabletops and accessories), we ask you to inform us as soon as possible and at the latest 24 hours after the validation of your order to be sure that the order is not yet shipped. Contact us on bonjour@leonandgeorge.com to indicate the desired changes.

#reschedule #postpone #delivery

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